Coaching Sessions

We offer online or in-person coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs.

Book A Consultation to discuss how we can assist you in better presenting yourself within official circles to enhance your business relationships.

Some of the topics we cover are:

* How to deal with daily encounters, conversations, demeanors, situations, and uncomfortable events.
* Cultural etiquette based on your target audience.
* Etiquette and protocol for interaction with government officials.
* Precedence, titles, and forms of address.
* E-mail etiquette.
* Etiquette for when attending receptions and social gatherings.
* Table manners and dining tips.
* Business attire styling and tips.
* Video conferencing tips.
* Planning and orchestrating meetings, VIP visits, ceremonies, and special events.
* Protocol event planning.
* Conference and exhibition tips as an exhibitor or attendee.