Advisory Consult

Our Founder and Senior Defence & Security Consultant, Ms. Sylvia Caravotas, is a true citizen of the world with a daily schedule that takes her across continents where she deals with defence and security challenges, ensuring that institutions remain transparent and accountable when enforcing the rule of law. 

With close to 20 years of managerial and consulting experience spanning several continents in the government and private sector, she has initiated cooperative projects between governments, the private sector and government, and repaired damaged and strained relationships between foreign governments.

Her reputation within diplomatic circles speaks for itself, working in tandem with embassies, international organisations, defence, and law enforcement structures.

Her defence and security portfolio is extensive and includes:

Advisory Services
Analytical Services
Defence Acquisition Management
Government Liaison
Investigation Services
VIP Protection 
Training Services

Conversant on current affairs, Ms. Caravotas is highly attuned to the complexities governing the relationships between countries and has a deep understanding of complex defence and security issues. 

Advisory services are offered for any defence or security-related concern.

Ms. Caravotas can advise industry on a number of topics such as how to best approach a point of contact within the governmental space, review of your presentation to best suit the point of contact, any trade concerns on doing business with/within a particular country (such as sanctions), etc.

Ms. Caravotas and her team are uniquely situated geographically and culturally with the dedication and drive to find a solution, no matter how complicated your requirements. 

Ms. Caravotas's advisory consult rate is $200 (USD) per hour. 

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