What Is, short for the System for Award Management, is an official website of the U.S. government. It serves as a centralised registry and database for various types of federal contracting, assistance, and grant-related information.

The primary purposes of are:

1. Vendor Registration

Businesses, non-profits, and other organisations that want to engage in business with the federal government must register in SAM. Registration is required to bid on government contracts, receive grants, or apply for federal assistance. This also applies to federal business opportunities outside of the U.S. (for example, if you are a foreign company bidding for a business opportunity at a U.S. Embassy).

2. Search

Users can search for contracting opportunities, grant programmes, and various types of assistance programmes. SAM provides information on active federal contracts and grants available for application.

3. Contracting And Assistance Records

SAM maintains records of federal contracts and assistance awards, providing transparency and helping users to research past and current awards.

4. Exclusion Records

SAM includes information on entities that are excluded from receiving federal contracts and certain types of federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits.

5. Public Data 

SAM provides access to a wide range of public data, including federal procurement data, grant awards, and entities registered with the federal government. is an essential tool for anyone looking to engage with the U.S. federal government in terms of contracting, grants, or other assistance programmes. It ensures compliance, transparency, and efficiency in the federal procurement process.

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