Project Biro - What It Means For Partnerships And The African Coastline

The South African Navy’s, Project Biro, has attracted the attention of local and foreign shipyards that are currently competing to build three inshore patrol vessels (IPVs) and three offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) by 2024/25 at an estimated cost of R6 billion. The patrol vessels specifications include armament with a 30mm gun for inshores (IPVs) and 76mm gun for the offshores (OPVs). According to Jane’s Defence Weekly, South African Navy sources stated that the new vessels will replace the strike craft and minehunters acquired in the 1970s and 1980s, and will undoubtedly boost South African maritime efforts.

Written by Sylvia Caravotas (Satovarac Consulting) for OIDA. The full article is available from OIDA.